Town of Lexington

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June 9, 2020

Councilors present at the June 9, 2020 meeting:  Bobbi Gordon, Bill Beard, Will Lemmon, Curtis Thompson.  Mayor Juli Kennedy was also present.

Employees present:  Scott Lamb, MacKia Tarvin.

Community members present: Reid & Sheila Miller, Shirley, Dorothy & John Edwards.

Meeting of June 9, 2020 was called to order at approximately 6:30 by Mayor Juli Kennedy.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Note:  when “motion carries” is stated, everyone approved.

Minutes for May 2020:

·        Motion to approve by Councilor Lemmon. Seconded by Councilor Beard.  Motion carries.

Mayor’s Message:

·        Mayor Kennedy and Scott Lamb met with Eric Imes to discuss moving forward with the street repairs for Lexington.

Recorder Report: 

·       MacKia Tarvin reported that it would save money to go through Desert Spring Bottled Water instead of buying regular bottled water. She stated all the pricing. Councilor Beard motioned to move forward with purchasing a cooler and water through Desert Springs Bottled Water. Councilor Lemmon seconded it, motion carries.

Maintenance Report: 

·       See the copy of Maintenance report included with these minutes.

Fire Department Report:  

·       Reid Miller requested a check for $6,000 to go towards the tanker truck in Ione for the fire department. The check is expected to be printed and ready for the next meeting. Councilor Lemmon made a motion to cut a check for $6,000 for the tanker truck. Councilor Gordon seconded it, motion carries.

·       Reid Miller also asked for assistance in finding a contract for the scholarship through the fire department that states certain criteria that has to be met in order for it to stay in place.

Old Business:

·       Sheila Miller had brought in her land use application and variance form to be signed so she could move forward with putting her house on their property.

·       The utility dump trailer was brought to attention by Scott Lamb. The one he had picked out is a 6x10, 9000-pound double axle dump trailer with ramps. A motion was made by Councilor Thompson to use $3,000 of the previous year as a deposit for the trailer and the rest would be paid upon delivery. Councilor Gordon seconded it, the motion carries.

·       The motor home that had previously burnt down has been fully cleaned out by Scott Lamb and Bill Beard. It is ready to be hauled off by Bert.

·       As for the reviewing of signs Councilor Gordon talked to High Performance Signs and got some examples of what the signs will look like so that the Council could choose one. After review

 New Business:

·       Resolution 20-5 – All councilors read through the resolution regarding allowing MacKia Tarvin access to both the bank accounts and to sign for the card. Councilor Lemmon motioned to approve the resolution. Councilor Beard seconded it, the motion carries.

·       Councilor Bobbi brought up the idea to change the date of the pay periods by changing it to every other Thursday. All Councilors and Mayor Kennedy agreed.

 Public Comments, Concerns, Questions:

·       Shirley asked if we could try to get the agenda up and ready two days before each meeting so that she has more time to look it over.

 Delinquent Accounts:

·       See copy of delinquent accounts included with these minutes.

·       Councilors made the decision that everyone that is 60+ days late gets a notice.

 Financial Reports and Bills:

·        Motion was made by Councilor Gordon, seconded by Councilor Lemmon to approve the financial reports, and bills as presented.  Motion Carries.


Meeting was adjourned by Mayor Kennedy at approximately 8:30 pm.