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Minutes June 2018

June 12th, 2018



Council Members present: Councilor Bill Beard, Councilor Sheila Miller, and Councilor Bobbi Gordon.


Employees Present: Felicia Cavan, Eddie Dickenson


Community Members present: Shirley McCarl, Dorothy And John, Lorrene Montgomery, Caroline Jackson


Council meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm by Councilor Bill Beard.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Note: if “Motion Carried” is stated, everyone approved.


Minutes for Macy 2018: Councilor Bobbi Gordan made a motion to accept the minutes with corrections, Councilor Sheila Miller seconds motion, and motion carries.


Bill’s and Financial Report for June: Councilor Sheila Miller asked about CenturyLink letter.  Town Recorder Felicia Cavan stated that she had made some changes to the services.  We now pay one flat rate instead of a per minute charge.  Councilor Sheila Miller made a motion to accept the bills, Councilor Bobbi Gordon seconds and motion carries.


Maintenance reports: Maintenance person Ed informed council that that they are putting the last coat in the water tower before they sanitize and start filling with water. About 2 weeks out to go online.  Councilor Sheila asked Ed to take two other for folks to help him get the siren up.  Ed will do weeding and flower planting.

Delinquent accounts: None bad enough to report

Fire Report:  Ed informed council that he has everything together to use the water truck.

Old Business:  Town Recorder Felicia informed council that Th paperwork and Thank You letter were taken by her to the budget hearing.  Chlorine notices were sent out or delivered by Ed.  Two vehicles that were blocking views and on right of ways were removed by owners.

Fiber Optics Letter:  When asked to company responded "Oh never mind. We actually won't be entering city limits so we don't need you after all."

New Business:  Regarding D.E.Q. letter and Meet and Greet meeting. Councilor Sheila informed council that this was a WIllow Creek public notice and that it probably wouldn't affect Lexington.  Felicia Cavan has a computer that she would like to donate to the Lexington Town Hall for public use.  Need to find out what kinds of software and other programs needed to keep people from doing things they shouldn't be and to keep it safe.  Bobbi said we will need a Wi-Fi adapter to make that  work.  Sheila informed council that they need prices on Office, Assyst and everything else for new computer in the office.  Bobbi said the Town has Office 10, Office 13 is after that.  Felicia informed council that 365 is much more user friendly.  Bobbi wants to find out about downloading Quickbooks from their website.  Sheila wanted pictures for the newsletter. Bobbi said to get in touch with Kirstey at Public Works as she does a lot of this.  No one has a good site for the basketball court being donated.

Councilor Bobbi made motion to adjourn, seconded by Councilor Sheila and motion carries

Respectfully submitted

Felicia Cavan


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