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January 12, 2016             

Council Member present; Mayor A. Arnspiger, Councilor B. Beard and Councilor Sheila Miller

Council Members absent; Councilor Deona Siex.  .

Employees Present; K. McCabe & Rick Smith

Employees absent; None

Volunteers Absent; Fire Chief C. Sumner

Community Members present; John & Dorothy Edwards, Shirley McCarl, Julie McDonald, Beverly Steagall, Jean Brazell, Annette Sherman and Carla McClane.

Council meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Mayor Arnspiger.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Note: If “motion carried” is stated, everyone approved

The meeting was opened with a public Hearing for the addition of text into the development code to add a public use zone. Morrow County Planning Director Carla McClane gave a brief history of why we are adding a public use zone to the development code, driven by the sale of the Morrow County School Dist. building.   The 35 day notice to DLCD was submitted on December 8, 2015, public notice was published in the Heppner Gazette on December 23, 2015, and property owners within 300 feet of public property were notified by mail. The staff report was handed out to the council members.

Mayor Arnspiger opened the meeting up to public comment in favor of the action to move forward with adding the public zone text to the Development Code. No comments.

Mayor Arnspiger asked if there was any public comments against the action, Community member Beverly Steagall asked what the council is changing the zoning too. The action is not changing the zoning on any property, the action is to write development code to stipulate what kind of uses are allowed on publicly zoned property.

John Edwards asked, would this include the veterinary clinic, the answer was no, the veterinary clinic would be something sited in a commercial zone or industrial zone. Currently it is a non conforming use. We will be working with them in the future. John Edwards also asked about if there was a minimum lot size, should there be a lot size determined, the answer is no to minimum lot size as the code address the issue about parking, making sure there is adequate space for parking or other open space to cover the septic tank.

Being there is no other comment, Mayor Arnspiger closed the public comment session at 7:10pm.

Councilor B. Beard made a motion to implement text changes in the Lexington Development Code and incorporate use zone criteria for the Public Use Zone. Councilor S. Miller seconded the motion, motion carried.


Minutes from December 8, 2015. Councilor S. Miller made a motion to accept the December 8, 2015 minutes as written, Councilor B. Beard seconded the motion, motion carried.

Approval of Financials. Councilor S. Miller made a motion to accept the December 2015 financials, Councilor B. Beard seconded the motion, motion carried.

January Bills, Councilor S. Miller made a motion to accept the January 2016 bills, Councilor B. Beard seconded the motion, motion carried.

Maintenance Report; Rick Smith completed the online training and received his water certificate. There is a bushing going out in the front end of the Ford pick-up. Les Schwab quoted 5 hours to do the job. Water leak on Clay Street, Rick stated he left it open for a reason, he would like to put in a water line to the shop. Council approves the water going to the shop. Chlorinated the reservoir on Wednesday, January 6, it took a couple of days to get into the system, the Fire Department flushed fire hydrants on January 11 and Rick flushed a few more on January 12; Rick will take 5 samples on January 13. Starting in April of 2016, if we have two bad samples in a row, then the state will come in a put a chlorinator on our water system at our expense. Couple of road signs are still down, Rick is waiting on parts from New Jersey.

2 fire hydrants need repair, one at the south end of C St. is leaking and a chain needs replaced on another one. Discussion on putting water to the shop is approved. Councilor S. Miller asked if we had enough water meters, Rick purchased 2 meters, one for the shop, and one to replace at 290 E Arcade St. this will leave one on hand.


Delinquents Accounts; There are a total of 12 accounts delinquent in the amount of 509.60. Nothing to worry about at this time, all are 1 month behind.


Fire Department Report;

            1948 firetruck, still nothing to report. Buyer has paid for the truck.


Old Business;

Computer has been ordered, just has not arrived.


New Business;

Recorder has given notice of resignation, an ad has been placed in the Heppner Gazette and with the Employment office in Hermiston.

Piper Trailer Park; too many trailers for the permit, too big of a trailer for the permit, and too many people for the lot, septic system is stinking. The CUP does not allow this many people. The town does have an enforcement procedure, if they are in violation of a permit issued by the city, have the recorder draft a letter for the mayor to send to the property owner, informing them of the condition of the CUP, then what activity is outside the CUP and give them a reasonable time to correct the problem.



Stop Sign on E West St. – Maintenance person Rick Smith is to reach out to Burke O’Brien or Matt at the Morrow County Public works for assistance on traffic control signs for B Street and E West St. Rick Smith is to bring back information on signage at the next council meeting, February 9, 2016.


Resolution 2016-1; Mayor A. Arnspiger read out loud Resolution 2016-1 in its entirety. Resolution 2016-1 is to increase the base water rate from $33/10,000 to $45/10,000 after the last payment to MDC.


Being no further business, Councilor S. Miller made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Councilor B. Beard seconded the motion, motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted


Kevin McCabe