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Town of Lexington

Council Meeting Minutes

December 13, 2016



Council Members present: Mayor A. Arnspiger, Councilor B. Beard, Deona Siex, and Councilor S. Miller.


Employees Present: Rick Smith, Janette Eldrige


Volunteers: Fire Chief absent


Community Members present: Larry & Marcia Sticka, Shirley McCarl, John & Dorothy Edwards, Carla McLane, Andrea Fletcher, Casey Fletcher, Bill Kuhn.


Council meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Mayor A. Arnspiger.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Note: if “Motion Carried” is stated, everyone approved.


Minutes for November 16, 2016: Councilor B. Beard made a motion to accept the minutes with corrections, Councilor D. Siex, second’s motion and motion carries.


Financial Report for November: on the Fire hall loan we didn’t receive as much as we thought I asked for $13041.16, last year we received $14500.00.  Councilor Bill Beard made a motion to accept the financial report for November 2016, Councilor D. Siex second’s and motion carries.


Bill’s for December: Councilor D. Siex made motion to accept the bill’s for December, Councilor B. Beard second’s and motion carries.


Maintenance report:  Rick got the light up in the park on the flag pole, I will raise it up higher so that it’s out of everyone’s reach, there are a few issues with the dump truck the fuel, backhoe is serviced and ready to go there are lines that need to be replaced, I got the lights working and turn signals. One of the water meters is in and done, still need to go to Joe Yocom house to pull the pipe back so I can put a gasket in it. Joe Yocom needs a riser on it but I’m waiting for better weather. Councilor Deona Siex asked if we have maintenance log that the maintenance gets put in. I write down the service hours, do you put in the book? Yes I put it in the file. On the back hoe are they license or title or bill of sale for it? They don’t have title, at one time there was a bill of sale for the backhoe and we have probably had it for 15 years. Community member Marcia Sticka said the flags looked good up for Pearl Harbor day thank you.


Delinquent accounts: there are only three and I got a call to day the Community Bible Church was going to take care of the delinquent accounts. Can we get a thank you card for them?


Fire Department: there was no one present.


Old Business: Dental & Vision for employees, from January 1st through June 30th of 2017 the cap was raised to $650. And can we give a onetime pay out to help with Janette first month’s premium of $700. Are we even able to? Councilor S. Miller asked. I believe we need to look at this when it comes to our budget and discuss it with the budget committee. Councilor Bill Beard makes a motion to raise the cap $650 starting January 1st – June 30th 2017, Councilor Sheila Miller seconds and motion carries. We need answers from the insurance before we can persue the $700 dollars. Jim Nelson I’m Bill Kuhn, Jim & Young Nelson’s and View crest Inc. Attorney and I’m here on my client behalf to ask for the vacation of the alley, that is off of main and C street, they did a survey of the property in 2003, and what this shows is that the Alley doesn’t go to where you think, in the space in between the gas station and the old auto body shop the copy of the survey goes on both side of the alley. Jim Nelson would like to fence the property but he can’t do that unless the city vacates the alley, the vacation process has a lot of paper work with it. If we go through with the vacation there will have to be a formal petition the strip on the other side is 6.5 feet wide. Carla states that we aren’t in a position to make a decision on it right now, encourage you have the applicant make an application so that staff can do the necessary work before you make a decision, you asking them to make a decision, at one time we were thinking that would be access to the park. If the Nelson would really like to do this they need to make an application. Reservoir lining/ Tabled; Casey Fletcher: I’m 9th grader enrolled in the high School taking a career planning class this gives opportunity to give community service and I’m asking if the Town of Lexington has any community service, when could you be available? All of my Christmas break, two to four hours he could come in on Friday December 16th at 9 am. Resolution 16-7 this resolution is for the monies for the pickup truck. The resolution was read out loud by our Mayor A. Arnspiger.

New Business: Marcia Sticka, waive criteria Councilor Sheila Miller asked Marcia to stand up and tell us why she would like to be on the council, I was Marcia Jones I grew up here and went to the valley 30 years and had to come home I’ve been to nearly every meeting since we been here and I would love to be on the council. Welcome Marcia and thank you. Councilor Bill Beard makes a motion to waive the one year criteria for council position #4, Councilor Deona Siex seconds and motion carries. Quick guide to Executive Session: this is for you councilors, vacation time; the employee hand book it’s not covered, but according to our Insurance agent the time has to be taken. Rick had asked for the week of Christmas off. Arcade bridge 53 ton capacity, B Street bridge 88 ton capacity.  This is information you asked me to find. Carla NHMP: the reason I’m here is for the required up date for NHMP witch in 2006 it was called the pre-disaster mediation plan, it requires counties to do their own and we adopted shortly after, in 2011 we started the updates but it was delayed and now we are accomplishing that now, it is FEMA required non regulatory plan, they do not regulate this plan. By adopting the plan if there was a disaster that is out lined in your plan there monies available, this plan also helped with the moving of the old fire hall and monies for the new one. The plan is in four difference parts and five difference chapters and includes the county and five cities, each city has an annexes that encompasses what that city disaster’s maybe and as your needs change they can be added to the book. FEMA has accepted the plan but it won’t be acknowledged until the cities approve the plan, by resolution. If you chose not to predicates there are certain risks with that.  Councilor B. Beard askes what rights does it give to FEMA, it doesn’t give any rights to FEMA. Carla it is more about communities being proactive, that is a component in this county. It is the state who asks the federal government to get involved. What is the council’s responsibility to this action item I think it is up to the council to follow through; we might need to look at it yearly to see what needs to be done. We need to find ways to right grants there are monies out there that could help us.

Councilor B. Beard commented that he need to read through the up dated NHNP before he could sign anything, there anything in here that says what FEMA will do. Carla states that it is our plan not FEMA plan. We already have a plan in place and we have had this plan in place since 2006, because of this plan we were able to move the old Fire Station. So this is us recognizing our problem and making a plan to prevent them from happening it our plan we wrote it this is what we will do if this happens. This is a county and community plan, Councilor Bill Beard made a motion to accept the emergency plan resolution 16-6, councilor Deona Seix seconds and motion carries. Mayor Arletta Arnspiger read the resolution 16-6,

Kenny Davis: property there are reports of people living in the RV and the sewage is running out on the ground, please write a letter and give to them. You’re bound to respond to the complaints, asks Janette to follow up.  The council is willing to have Janette sign the complaint. Councilor Deona Siex asked if we have Christmas lights, candles I think we might have them somewhere. The speed signs on 74 who is in charge of them, ODOT is can we call them and have them move the 55 and 45 sign out of the city limits.

Councilor Deona Siex made motion to adjourn the meeting; Councilor Sheila Miller seconds and motion carries, meeting adjourn.



Respectfully summited

Janette Eldrige

Town Recorder