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December 8, 2015

Council Member present; Mayor A. Arnspiger, Councilor B. Beard and Councilor Sheila Miller and Councilor Deona Siex.  .

Council Member absent; None

Employees Present; K. McCabe & Rick Smith

Employees absent; None

Volunteers Absent; Fire Chief C. Sumner

Community Members present; Dorothy Edwards, Shirley McCarl and Lorrene Montgomery

Council meeting was called to order at 7:01pm by Mayor Arnspiger.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Note: If “motion carried” is stated, everyone approved

Minutes of the November meeting were reviewed, being no corrections or additions, Councilor B. Beard made a motion to accept the November minutes, councilor D. Siex seconded the motion, motion carried.

Approval of November Financial. Mayor A Arnspiger asked if the $61,000 in deposits came from taxes, water bills. The $61,082.64 in deposit and credits on the reconciliation summary is made up of 17,000 transfer from Fire Dept. fund to Reserve Fund for the Fire Department, 33,667.38 in taxes, 5353.79 for water bills, 1503.00 for MDC user loan fee, 1259.00 from ODOT, 288.00 from OLCC, 729.00 from CBEC Franchise fee, 611.00 State Revenue Sharing, other is little misc income.

There are two more transfers that were budgeted for, one from General fund to Street fund, and one from the water fund to the Special water reserve fund, I will wait until June to make those transfers.

Councilor S. Miller made a motion to accept the November financials, Reconciliation and Profit & Lost, councilor B. Beard seconded the motion. Motion carried.


November Bills. Mayor A. Arnspiger asked if Jay Kiethley has been paid. The check is printed and ready to be signed tonight. Councilor B. Beard made a motion to accept the November bills, Councilor D. Siex seconded the motion, motion carried.


Maintenance Report.

The water pipe break at the corner of Hwy 74 and E St. was fixed. Little bit of clean up to do.

Got the creek cleaned up by McCarls cleaned up.

Wants to start working on equipment.


Water Tests, first sample came back positive for coliform, took a second sample and it came back positive for coliform. The sample taken out of the well came back negative. Rick will be flushing fire hydrants to get stagnant water out of the system.   Rick contacted the Drinking water Specialist and Public Health Division and explained to him what had happen with the pump going out, they stated it will work itself out. Rick will be taking another sample the week of December 8th.  


Delinquent Accounts.

There are four delinquent accounts in the amount of $224.71. Nothing to worry about on the list.


Fire Dept Report.

Fire Chief Sumner is not in attendance.


Bill Beard reported have not heard anything from buyer of the truck.


Recorder had reimbursement list for the volunteer, Mayor A. Arnspiger read the list of reimbursement for the volunteer fire fighters. Councilor D. Siex made a motion to reimburse volunteer fire fighters for fire calls, Councilor B. Beard seconded the motion, motion carried.


Old Business

Water rate increase, At the last two council meeting several options were discussed on what to raise the base water rates too. Mayor A Arnspiger thought it best to roll the $12 loan fee over into the base rate. Otherwise raise the base rate to $45/10,000 gallons.

Councilor S. Miller made a motion instructed the recorder to create a resolution to increase the base rate from $33/10,000 to $45/10,000 effective March 1, 2016 and bring back to the January 2016 council meeting for reading. Councilor D. Siex seconded the motion, motion carried.


New Business     

Mayor A. Arnspiger read ordinance 2015-2 and Ordinance 2015-3. Councilors and Mayor signed both ordinances. They will go into effect January 8th 2016.


Tires for Ford Pick-up, Rick got a quote from Les Schawb for four different types of tires, they ranged in price from 574.44 to 961.68. Mayor Arnspiger asked where the money will come out of, the answer is the General fund line item Truck Maintenance. Councilor S. Miller made a motion to purchase the tires for the Ford Pick-up at a cost of $574.44 from Les Schawb Tires, Councilor D. Siex seconded the motion, motion carried.


New PC for Maintenance Dept. Dell has a PC for $299 and purchase Microsoft office for $189 for a total cost of $488. I will also look at HP to see the pricing is similar. Councilor B. Beard made a motion to purchase a PC for maintenance dept, not to exceed $500. Councilor D. Siex seconded the motion, motion carried.


Public Comment; Lorrene Montgomery made a complaint of no notification of the water being off. It just appeared off. In the future she suggested a phone call or a flyer to go door to door for notification. Mayor A. Arnspiger asked Lorrene if she would be available as a volunteer to go door to door, she agreed to be a volunteer.


Dorothy Edwards asked if the councilors phone numbers could posted in case people need to contact the council. A list will be put in the window of Town hall.  


Notice of Final Decisions for the two ordinances will go into Department of Land and Conservation (DLCD) Friday December 11, 2015. Property owners will get notified by mail.


Next month, January 2016, the development Code changes for the Public Use zone. The paperwork was sent off to DLCD today, property owner will be notified on December 23, 2015 and public notice will be published in the Heppner Gazette on Dec 23, 2015.


Friday, Dec 4, 2015 Dave Sykes delivered the application for the school district property zone change. Recorder will be looking over the application to make sure it is satisfactory. If all is in order, at the February meeting we will be discussing that property change.


Financial Review, Accountants finished their review, Mayor A. Arnspiger signed off on the review, and next month we will have the audit review.


New Office Hours; the new office hours for Town Hall is 1:00pm to 5:00pm. The voice message represents the new change in hours and has the Mayor and Maintenance man’s cell phone numbers listed.


Councilor S. Miller made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:52pm, Councilor D. Siex seconded the motion, motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted


Kevin McCabe