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Council Meeting Minutes

February 13th, 2018



Council Members present: Councilor Bill Beard, Councilor S. Miller, and Councilor Bobbi Gordon.


Employees Present: Janette Eldrige, Eddie Dickenson


Volunteers: Fire Chief Charlie Sumner


Community Members present: Dorothy Edwards, Shirley McCarl.


Council meeting was called to order at 6:15 pm by Councilor Bill Beard acting Mayor for the meeting.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Note: if “Motion Carried” is stated, everyone approved.


Minutes for January 2018: Councilor Sheila Miller made a motion to accept the minutes with corrections, Councilor Bobbi Gordon seconds motion, and motion carries.  


Financial Report for January, 2018: Councilor Bobbi Gordon made a motion to accept the financial report, Councilor Sheila Miller seconds and motion carries. Councilor Sheila Miller and Janette Eldrige went to the bank and re named two of the savings accounts and transferred monies in to fire reserve fund, so we are one step closer to fixing the accounts.


Bill’s for February: Councilor Sheila Miller made a motion to accept the bills, Councilor Bobbi Gordon seconds and motion carries.


Maintenance reports: Councilor Sheila Miller asked if Eddie had priced waders, if they are under $100 get them if you need them, Eddie has a meeting on Wednesday with Bill to go down the creek to see what can be removed, is David coming to the meeting? No. Acting Mayor Bill Beard asked if the ground wire had come off the backhoe again, I think so and yes I put a lock washer on it. Two chickens were killed at Earl and Edie’s house, the dog was terminated. Councilor Sheila Miller asked how the plumbing was going up at the reservoir, we have done as much as we can for now, we are waiting on a date from them, so we can get all of the rest of the plumbing done connecting the pipes and get the electrician up there to install the floats, we need the float first, we got a new quote for the siren today it is much cheaper, community member John Edwards asked Eddie how long will it take to drain the reservoir, we are going to use it up in Town hopefully,  we got quotes for the siren in your packet there is a map that shows us how the sound will go through a mathematical algorithm. I think it will be heard just fine all over town, so the Quote is about $ 5700 so that’s with in the budget. Councilor Sheila Miller asked if this system is compatible with 911 dispatches and the pagers. John Edward asked if the siren has to be put in a specific zone I think that’s something we need to know before we order a siren. Ed states he will find out. They did a sound map. What are the rules about it being near the Airport? It will be at the shop. We will put it on the roof this siren doesn’t weigh  very much. We will be responsible for the maintenance. What is the picture of the guard rail for? it is for our records because they kept hitting the guard rail and bending it so they wanted something there that they could see?   

Delinquent accounts: there are two accounts that have not paid this month and one of the accounts the person is deceased, there will be no letters written.


Fire Department:  we will need to do something with our exhaust fan the carbonator is not working, Bill Beard asked Eddie to bring it by. The needle valve or the float is bad, last night we had a propane class I was not notified about the training so we were not able to participate, it was a good learning experience, I asked both the trainers to call us for training, there is possibility a new recruit, Cody Golden? He was on the Heppner fire department for a while so we are hoping he will join, when the training comes up again I would like Ed to go. There isn’t a lot going on these days. We need to upgrade the Trucks. The forest service is looking for a brush rig for us.

Old Business: Yost meter: I have a question? do we send out the bill acting Mayor Bill Beard asked where did the extra $399 come from, when billing was done there were four days that weren’t on it, the first estimate was for 6 days and we added 4 days to it, so there were 10 days of labor.  On the four days there were two 8 hour days one 6 hour day and one day at 6.5. Ed states that is correct. Acting Mayor  Bill Beard is asking a question there was some defective equipment which was down time are you charging him for that time? so what was defective? there was a leaky saddle, is he charged for the labor twice, that I don’t know, you can’t charge somebody when you install something twice, how I got the days of labor was off his time card, somehow it needs to be figured out because you can’t charge them twice for installation due to defective equipment, it needs to be noted if it is coming off the time card, ok Ed please adjust the time that was wasted due to defective equipment because there is no way to know from the time cards. After adjustments I say send the bill. Councilor Sheila Miller made a motion after the bill adjustment send out the bill, Councilor Bobbi Gordon seconds and motion carries. Quote for three phase: yes that is just to install it to the pole, this makes the other bid look better. The Three phase bid my calculation for us to use that it would run about $12k for the siren. Buildable land inventory RFP-IGS, it $200 buy in and we asked them if they could do it with and without a sewer system, the $200 will come out of our DLCC grant. I think we need to be proactive and sign it now.

New Business:  Resolution 2018-1 water base rate was read out loud by our acting Mayor Bill Beard; Councilor Member Deona Siex resignation letter was read out loud by our acting Mayor Bill Beard, Councilor Bobbi Gordon made a motion to accept the resignation of Deona Siex, Councilor Sheila Miller second and motion carries. Resolution 18-2 was read out loud by our acting Mayor Bill Beard and signed by the Council. Letters water prices the invoice reflects the price we charged for 2000, gallons Councilor Sheila Miller states we need to have an amount for our unmetered water so it will be consant; we need to have a maximum and a base fee, Councilor Bobbi Gordon thinks the base fee should be $47 with a max of 10,000 gallons, $47 for 3000 gallons or 2500 gallons, so if they want to get 10,000 gallons they will pay $47 four times with a max of 10,000 per month. So we set a minimum of 2500 for $47 up to 10,000 gallons so $47 per time up till 10,000per month. They will pay $47 dollars for 2500 four times a month total amount 10,000 of gallons, so that would be $188 for the month, can you write that up for the next meeting please Janette. UBMAX water system this would be a new billing system for our water utility’s,  it would be new soft wear, there are a lot of thing that would be beneficial for us, one of them is the hand held, also if there was a miss reading when you put the new reading in it automatically re configures the bill for the right amount, also it will up load to the cloud daily so you don’t have to back up the system with every change you do, and they can pay by credit card, so they could go in and pay their bills on line, yes it was suggested the we put a port hole on our town web site, Councilor Bobbi Gordon  states you don’t have to worry about back up on the cloud. Councilor Sheila Miller asked what is this a letter is the 5 year bench mark report it states we did a good job, and the next report is due 2020. Acting Mayor Bill Beard asked what the total cost on the UBMAX is, I think this system 425 a year which is 300 dollars cheaper than the one we are using right now. I will find out how much it is and let you know our current system is not very user friendly. They did give me a demo of the system. Does the hand held read the meters, every month you download information on to the meter, so you punch it in we will have find out on the way it works. How does he scan it?  Do we need special meters? Do you enter it into the hand held?  Are these like Columbia basin smart meters? No I don’t think so. Only 125 meters are billed in our system, because we have 5 that are ours. Councilor Sheila Miller we need to find the meter this will scan and see what the cost is so we have an idea on overall cost, we have to change 10% any way so why not do it this way this might be a time saver and benefit us in the long run. Ed could you get us that information please. Councilor Sheila Miller states that this could save us a lot of time in the long run for this system, if we could scan it and down load it, I think it could save time. It would be so nice to just scan them and have the correct information.  Budget committee we need three people this year I have a volunteer Marci Sticka, now we need two more, it two meetings.  When do these meetings happen? These meeting will happen when I get a date. The first notice is to go out in March. What is cleaning up the property and liens about?  Lorena Montgomery would like to have the property on Arcade Street cleaned up she wanted to know if the fire department could burn up the mess that was put on the property from  that tree that blew down, she would really like that taken care of. I talked with Charlie he Knows the land owners, so I asked if they could put it on their schedule so they could burn it.  Councilor Bobbi Gordon made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Councilor Sheila Miller Seconds and motion carries.

Respectfully submitted
Janette Eldrige