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Town of Lexington

Council Meeting Minutes

August 8th, 2017



Council Members present: Councilor B. Beard, and Councilor S. Miller.


Council Members absent: Councilor Deona Siex. 


Employees Present: Janette Eldrige, Eddie Dickenson


Volunteers: Fire Chief Charlie Sumner absent.


Community Members present: Julie Baker, Dorothy Edwards, Bink Ramos and Shirley McCarl.


Council meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm by Councilor S. Miller acting Mayor for the meeting.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Bobbi Gordon did the oath of office and we welcomed her to the Council.


Note: if “Motion Carried” is stated, everyone approved.


Minutes for July, 2017: Councilor Bill Beard made a motion to accept the July minutes Councilor Bobbi Gordon seconds motion, and motion carries.  


Financial Report for July, 2017: Janette Eldrige states we had payment failure because we didn’t have enough money on the credit card after speaking with Councilor Sheila Miller I called the bank and raised our limit from $500 to $700. Councilor Bill Beard made a motion to accept the financial report for July, Councilor Bobbi Gordon second’s and motion carries.


Bill’s for August: Councilor Bill Beard made motion to accept the bills, Councilor Bobbi Gordon second’s and motion carries.


Maintenance reports: The Park is getting greener; Councilor Bill Beard asked Eddie if he needed help putting the sign up for Friend Ship Park. I want to mount the sign up by the fence so people can see that it’s a park, it won’t be hard to finish, community member Shirley McCarl talked with Gary Hunt and He said he would like to donate the roses and some flower in the small bed to the park project, Councilor Sheila Miller asked Eddie about the Clay street access, she asked me not to drive down there drive way because it is a private drive way, they just put $2000 dollars’ worth of gravel in and someone is tearing it up, it’s the people who are in the garbage truck Eddie states he has seen them do it, I’m not sure why they are doing it. Councilor Sheila Miller said she will talk with them. Eddie assumed that it was a public road. We need to look at the maps and figure out what is what. She is wanting the big rocks up by the shop if we move the rocks closer together out back we will need those rocks to fill the gaps. Janette states that we need to chlorinate the reservoir due to 3 bad samples this month, I want to notify every one before we chlorinate, I have put poster up and I am making calls to our water consumers. On the 10th of August we will chlorinate. Councilor Sheila Miller asked if Eddie has gotten the gophers, I got mole bait  but not gopher  bait, Green feed in Heppner should have some please check you have a schedule for the fire hydrants, yes I do it is in the packets, did you get your lights put in and are they operating, yes. Councilor Bill Beard made a motion to accept the maintenance report, Councilor Bobbi Gordon seconds and motion carries.

Delinquent Accounts: The yellow ones are our usual offenders, I have called every one and I wrote one letters. There was one that is three months behind and he has made arrangements to pay.


Fire Department: Fire Chief Charlie Sumner is absent. Janette went over before there meeting and made sure that they could get on the internet.

Old Business: Reservoir there are a couple of bids in the packet one of them was given to me today it is from Blue mountain Plumbing for the pipe that we will need for the storage tank $9917. The other bid is with the maintenance report it is for the 12+12 pad for the storage pad to go on, we were given a verbal bid by silver creek of $2500, and the other bid is $787, according to the plans we can isolate the tank from the water supply entirely, Councilor Bill Beard asked Eddie he thinks there is a bypass the tank I have never heard that before, the main line is shown by passing the tank on the blue prints, if that the case that would be really handy for us. The blue prints have been wrong more than once. We have two different bids one was verbal and they never sent formal bid in, the other one was faxed in and it is quite a bit less than the first one, I would like to get started on this get the pad done so we can put the tank in and get ready for spring. Councilor Bill Beard made a motion to accept the bid for $787 for the 12+12 pad to get this started, Councilor Bobbi Gordon seconds and motion carries. Dirt for the park we still don’t have dirt and in order to finish our grants we need dirt, let me see if I can move some stuff around and we can bring the back hoe down and dig it out of my pen and that way we can do it ourselves, we need the dirt to finish the first grant, and we only have until December to finish the second grant. Councilor Bill Beard asked if we could sculpture the berm to make it look better, Acting Mayor Sheila Miller said she would get with Reid and Eddie to see what could be done, community member Dorothy Edward states that we need to move the matrimonial vine first, she also states that behind the park where all the grass is that use to be a parking area. We should spray it first and then ask the fire department to come through and do a controlled burn on that as well

New Business: OSU Morrow County Extension Service, hello my name is Bink Ramos and I’m a former Morrow County resident I’m here to introduce Julie Baker she is the coordinator at the Morrow County Extension office, as most of you know the back bone of our economy is agricultural our funding seems to drop for what we need to do, we are here to ask the community and the resident of Lexington’s city to adopt this resolution to anticipate the funding for a Morrow County service district with that I will pass it over to Julie, Julie will help explain what this is all about. We have provided packets most of you know our office is in Heppner, local 4-H and we are served by two experiment stations one is in Umatilla County, and the other one is in Pendleton they do a lot of work in our area, we have a lot of programs for nutrition and youth programs for college readiness in the north county, it not just 4-H, not Just farm, we have to approach every City in Morrow County to get your approval and bring it before the judge to get it on the May 2018 ballot, basically what we are trying to do is provide a sustainable  service district of all of the folks OSU Morrow County and Umatilla County  so we can continue doing what we have always done, so what we are asking is by signing the resolution it will allow the citizen of Lexington to vote on this .33 cents per 1000. This will allow Lexington to be a part of the service we currently offer. Acting Mayor Sheila Miller asked by doing that means that you are taking a chunk out of our allowed amount for taxes; yes any city’s in compression will see a loss to that we have invite number on what that would be, Sheila at the end of the packet there is a sheet this is from the tax assessor office for the year 2015-2016 I have highlighted Lexington in yellow, so there is the base rate .7289 per 1000 this goes into our general fund, 2.00 for the fire department and .62 for a quarter of maintenances wedge,  then our bond which pays for the fire hall and last year we didn’t make enough to pay the 14000 we usually pay. Shelia please read the new extension district paper. We are struggling to make the bond right now. Acting Mayor Sheila Miller asks what exactly are you trying to fund with this money, where are your losses from; where are you lacking form before, our budget are lacking from 2008-2009 we were told to come up with 25% of our budget, 25 counties in Oregon have done this. If you don’t get your funding, what happens when a county has opted out OSU has not provided services there. In these small community’s we provide opportunities and moral values to the youth and agricultural opportunities as well, and our dead line is October 1st. If the city or the County decides not to sign the resolution or doesn’t allow it to get voted on and that community has 4-H they could still do 4-H with us but they would have to pay a larger fee to participate in activity’s this could be more of a hardship for them, are there any other question: Resolution 17-7 was read out loud By the acting Mayor Sheila Miller, and signed. Feasibility Study for waste water; Lexington would be the lead agency, this has to be voted on, we have been participating in waste water meetings for the last few months and talking about waste water and maybe grouping the three towns together, we have some interest in it our Councilor have gone to a few of the meeting, there will be meeting on the waste water in Heppner on August 15th where I need to give an answer, Acting Mayor Sheila Miller states that just the feasibility can cost as much as $150,000, as I recall both
Ione And Heppner have done feasibility studies for what they wanted to do, right. That Ione is eligible for there again, these monies available every three years. Acting Mayor Sheila Miller how are we going to come up with the rest of the moneys, Councilor Bobbi Gordon asked what happens if we don’t do it. Acting Mayor Shelia Miller unfortunately we will have to do it sooner or later, whether we work with them or do it our self, community member Dorothy Edwards states we can’t do it our self, they will make us do it I don’t think it’s down the road very far. Councilor Bill Beard states it will be interesting to see what subsidies’ will be offered at that time, because if they try to force us in to it I for see them dangling a carrot out there to get us to comply, community member John Edwards states it would be nice to clean the sewer water out of the creek some say it will help the fish flow, all of those little town’s on the John day like Spray have sewer systems we should call those town to find out how they did it. Councilor Bobbi Gordon states that it does make sense to combine all three towns. Councilor Bill Beard doesn’t believe that it’s realistic; we just don’t have the money for it. We can’t even come up with extra monies for the feasibility study right now any way. I don’t like that we would be the lead agency, the planning department said they would help, and Heppner said they would help. Acting Mayor Sheila Miller our water project how would that be affected; the water project, reservoir, that wouldn’t be affected at all. The feasibility study I was talking about earlier this year was for a new well and waste water. The feasibility study is just one step in many that need to take place in order to get loans or grants. Acting Mayor Sheila Miller I want to but we can’t go over whatever is available from grants, we don’t have any extra monies for it, and if we need to take monies from our budget we just can’t we have the reservoir that we need to pay for. Councilor Bill Beard Votes No, Councilor Sheila Miller Votes No, and Councilor Bobbi Gordon votes No. Councilor Sheila Miller states that if we could find a way to get grants to pay for it I wouldn’t see a problem. CIS health Inc. rate increase this is information on the health coverage is going up $32.13, at this point Eddie is paying $10.47 out of his pocket for dental. CIS pay roll Audit saves us $941.34 I would like to pay off workers compensation next month. Jaylene Papineau would like to park her horse trailer behind her house, the alley is not a through alley there is a shed in it does anyone have a problem with that; Councilor Bill Beard made a motion to adjourn Councilor Bobbi Gordon seconds and motion carries meeting adjourn.

Respectfully Submitted

Janette Eldrige

Town Recorder